Website design - Content is king and usability is queen

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Website design - Content is king and usability is queen


In the kingdom of websites and estate agent websites there is one clear King and one clear Queen that rules the digital land; Content and usability. Each one supports the other by providing different roles when ruling their electronic kingdom.

Google, which have around 92% of the UK search engine market, have been quoted by saying that content is king on various occasions. What they want to provide in their search listings and what users want to see, is updated relevant content. By providing users with relevant search results, Google can stay at the top of the search engine market.

What does this mean for estate agents? It means that estate agents must have content that the public will desire. Examples can include local property developments and news, featured properties on the homepage, embedded Google maps, EPCs, floorplans, and many more.

Combining desirable content and white hat Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Techniques, estate agents can see their websites be push to the top of Google where they will receive a targeted flow of traffic of property searchers in and around their area.

Once on the website, users will consciously or subconsciously notice the usability. A badly designed website will be instantly noticeable, users will be able to plainly see any errors, mistakes or design flaws. Whereas usability for a carefully planned website will be easy to navigate, have trouble-free features, and an overall effortless feel to the website. Users will not consciously recognise this but will still note that your estate agent web design was considerable more user-friendly than any other competitors.

Resource Techniques is a web design company for estate agents. Providing the technology and tools for estate agents to offer their customers with content and usability that will make their websites 'sticky' so users become literally 'stuck' to the website and will repeatedly return.

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