Web design trends that will dominate 2015

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Web design trends that will dominate 2015

Web design for estate agents grows and evolves very fast, and each year brings new and unique surprises. Many web design trends focus on creating less complicated and more refined designs.

Many trends have come in and out of fashion over the last few years but we can make some predictions on the direction modern web design will go in the future.

Web design trends for 2015

1. Responsive web design is the future

resposive example.jpg

Responsive web design is a must within all industries. Over the last few years responsive design has solidified itself as the new standard for web design. More and more estate agents are opting to go in this direction and isn’t so much a trend anymore but rather the norm.

2. Large, beautiful, prominent background images

beautiful colours 2.jpg

One of the simplest ways to make your website stand out is through large striking imagery and great content. This trend is a great way to deliver a powerful and elegant message which will ensure your visitors remember who you are.

3. Material design

material google.jpg

Flat design has been on the rise over the last year or two and it appears to be evolving as we move into 2015. This year, Google presented the material design, an approach that is aimed to imitate paper and ink while retaining all positive features of flat design. In short, material design is practically flat design with a few subtle add-ons to give it a sense of tangibility by using gradients, layering and animation while still having all the advantages of flat design.

4. Ghost buttons

ghost button.jpg


They are minimal, stylish, work great with large background imagery and with the hover animation they are great to use. These buttons are growing in popularity and will continue to do so into 2015.

5. Typography


Web type-kits have allowed us to use unusual fonts and typefaces in websites for quite some time but due to the expensive costs, only the few with large enough budgets have been able to enjoy them. However, prices of these kits are becoming more reasonable (or in some cases even free) which means we are likely to see the role of fonts growing in the near future.

6. More scroll fewer clicks

Mobile usage continues to grow which means web design continues to move in the direction of providing people with more effective and enjoyable mobile experiences. Scrolling is a lot easier than clicking on a mobile device, it also cuts down on load times and allows for a more active interaction between user and website. 

Luke Stanley