Web Design Trends For Estate Agents 2019

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Web Design Trends For Estate Agents 2019


Web design is forever shifting and evolving due to technology and user needs constantly changing. But it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between a design fad and what trends can really have a positive impact on your website.

Here are 5 trends that we believe will be popular in 2019:

1) Mobile First Continues

Mobile usage continues to grow and has long surpassed desktop usage with around 2/3 of all website traffic coming from a mobile device. Up until recently, it has been a standard practice to design a website for desktop, that can resize down to fit any device (meaning mobile wasn’t a priority).

However, nowadays with Google and users prioritising mobile over desktop it is crucial we design for mobile first as it will help to improve rankings as well as overall user experience.

According to Google, just over half the web has already been indexed and ranked using their mobile-first indexing update that crawls and indexes the mobile version of a website over the desktop version.

2) Video

Of course, video is already very popular, but it will continue to dominate over static imagery because they have the ability to instantly grab the user’s attention, with 88% of users spending more time on a website with a video.

Keeping your users on your website for longer increases the chance that they will act and convert. It also helps with SEO as time spent on a page is a ranking factor for Google.

3) Minimalism

Minimalistic websites are nothing new but will continue to be a major trend due to their effectiveness. Less is more after all.

With fewer element, means less distractions for your audience which is why minimalism will continue to dominate in 2019.

4) Thumb-Friendly Navigation

As we said above, mobile usage is continuing to grow meaning we are likely to see a lot more thumb-friendly web design.

Studies regarding how people hold their mobiles have shown that most users use their thumbs which means these movements will have to be incorporated into the web design process. It is very likely that you will encounter more navigation tailored to thumb usage, such as the hamburger menu being moved lower down the screens on a mobile.

5) Voice Search

With the popularity of voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa, web designers will have to start thinking about conversational interfaces. Designers and marketers will need to think of how the user experience of a website will fit with the way people are using it with voice commands.

Understanding how users will interact with voice commands and then incorporating that into voice interface with keywords and actions will be vital. How we write content will have to change too, and more conversational keywords will have to be used throughout your website.

As more users become accustom to using voice commands while using the web, we will have to meet their needs and create a seamless experience.

Luke Stanley