Web design trends for 2014

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Web design trends for 2014

The internet is forever evolving and what was popular this year may not be so popular the following year.

At this time of year many blogs pick up the various web design trends that they believe are going to be popular next year, usually more creative techniques and ideas that will improve the user-experience along with the general appeal of the website.

Of course your content, design and features can always be improved or tweaked to give the users a better experience but you should try to stay up-to-date with what’s around the corner as it may give you some ideas on how to improve your business.

Here are three trends for 2014:

1. Responsive design and mobile ready

Responsive design definitely isn’t something that’s new but most estate agency websites are still built for larger screens.

In 2014 more estate agents will begin to realise the importance of providing the user with a great mobile experience due to the quantity of traffic they receive from mobile devices.

2. Content Focused  

Content is king and every web designer should be focusing on content. Google and every other search engine places a lot more weight on high quality content than it ever has before.

In 2014, content will be more focused towards the users as well as using blog articles and social signals to drive traffic their websites. The content needs to be accessible and available on a range of platforms. It must also be easily indexed and crawlable for the search engines.

3. Simple Web Design

Without great content, a well-designed website won’t get you anywhere! Content is likely to take a front seat in 2014, creating simplistic design and eliminating cutter will make it easier for the user to access and read your content. 

Troy Stanley