Web design of the week – Barnard Cook

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Web design of the week – Barnard Cook


Some websites blend into the crowd whilst others stand out like a big green giant that promotes sweetcorn and steals a famous slogan from a happy fat man that only comes once a year.

This week the website chosen for our Estate Agent ‘website of the week’ is Barnard Cook Estate & Letting Agents in Oakwood.
Released last september, the website is a clean, green, property machine. Barnard Cook Estate Agent website is one to be remembered. Using colour theory, we can see that green websites are associated with nature and enviroment with a peaceful vibe which makes the user feel at ease as soon as the website has been accessed.

The homepage has unique functionality. Once clicked, each coloured bar along the righthandside of the primary image unveils another clear and stunning image (Not to mention that it’s fun to play with).

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, ‘The website is clean with a focus on rich user experience. I would be proud to own an Estate Agent website like Barnard Cook.’