Web design for estate agents: 4 ways to make your call to actions stand out

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Web design for estate agents: 4 ways to make your call to actions stand out

Website design for estate agents can be tricky but with clear, prominent call to actions the chances of online success increases dramatically.  

Every website needs a call to action. Your readers need a clear idea of what to do and where to go next. Not all of your call to actions will be the same but every effective call to action has several common factors.

Here are 4 great ways to make your call to actions stand out more:  

1. Keep it short and clear

In order for a call to action to work it needs to be short and sweet. Keep the details limited to entice the user to clicking. Just stick with the basics. All your call to actions should be between two to six words long.

2. Stay above the fold

It is important for your call to actions to be in plain sight. Your call to action needs to be ‘above the fold’ which means within the content that is visible without scrolling down the page. Placement of the call to action is extremely important! The reader may not chose to read all of the web page so it is vital you keep all your call to actions above the fold in order to capture the users attention and get as many clicks as possible.

3. Think about the wording

Using urgent language can be a great way to get users clicking. After they have read the content what do you want the reader to do? Contact us? Get a valuation? Use a mortgage calculator? Search for property? Wording is very important to grab the user’s attention, for example, if you are aiming to get people to search your property listing, “Search Now” or “Find your dream home today” could be an effective call to action for you.

Both phrases are short and to the point giving off a sense of urgency.

4. Make it standout

When you are designing your website ensure you make the call to actions really stand out. If the call to action is highlighted, coloured differently or bold then it is likely to instantly grab the users attention. Try to make your call to action pop out from the rest of the content. 

Luke Stanley