Ways commercial agents can drive traffic to their website

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Ways commercial agents can drive traffic to their website


We often talk about your website as being at the centre of your digital universe. In many organisations it actually sits at the centre of their wider marketing activity. Each channel that orbits your website has the capacity to drive traffic to your website.

With this in mind, it’s interesting to see how more and more companies are beginning to use Facebook as a platform to engage with clients and prospective employees. In past articles we have seen how the likes of CBRE, Jones Lang LaSalle, Knight Frank and Savills are using the platform. So here are a few quick suggestions on how you could use Facebook to drive traffic to your own website.

1. Link To Your Website
Its so obvious, but so many companies make the mistake of not linking to their website. To be more specific, ensure that each and every post that you make on your companies Facebook page, includes a link back to your website.

2. Make Use Of The features
Facebook presents a great way to communicate a company personality. This is something unique to you that cannot be duplicated by competitors. Facebook allows you to post images, video, pictures and engage you audience in an on-going dialogue.

It gives you the opportunity to make an emotional connection with your audience in a way that is far more powerful than your website can. 

3. Use the Whole Canvas
Facebook’s new Timeline format gives you far more opportunity to ‘visualise’ your message. It means that you need to think in a much more visual way. Think how images can be used to bring your text to life. Post employee images to put a face to your opinions. Look at how you could present data in a more visual way by using Infographics.

4. Try Using The Apps
Those of you using the new Facebook Timeline format will hopefully noticed the squares to the right of your company name. These are Apps that can be used to engage your audience by way of a call to action. For example:

  • Property Search
  • Graduate and recruitment page
  • A blog
  • A sign up page to newsletter
  • Schedule of future events
  • Company photos
  • Link to YouTube and video content

Finally, measurement
Whatever marketing activity you carry out, measurement is vital to judge how successful that activity has been and to identify areas that could be improved. Facebook is no different and so it’s important that you measure the amount of traffic that originates from Facebook.

Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant