Want more traffic? Write a better twitter bio

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Want more traffic? Write a better twitter bio

I have encountered so many Estate Agent twitter bios that simply do not live up to scratch that I’ve lost count. Tempted to write ‘if I had a penny for every…’

A lot are lifeless drivel that, at its worst, is no more than a sales pitch and gives little indication why the visitor should follow – or just bland text that would be more fitting for a search engine than a person.      

So what can Estate Agents do to write a better bio on their twitter page?

Firstly try to add a little personality to your bio. Think about what makes you unique or what brand personality you would like to display to the public.

Why not try revealing something personal, like a hobby or pastime. Show that although property is your passion, you are still human and have other interests – interests do make an interesting person.

Lastly just show that you are not serious all the time by adding a little humour to your twitter bio. Obviously it doesn’t have to be side-splittingly funny but just show that again you are human.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant