VYou: video killed the twitter star

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VYou: video killed the twitter star


The internet has spawned a whole flurry of different ways for people around the world to communicate, such as foursquare and VYou is no exception.

Although it was founded in October last year, VYou is still in its infancy with only around 400 members and still in its Beta stage.

Simply put, VYou is a video question and answer website. It seems to be a mix of the popular text-based question and answer website formspring and the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube.

After signing up, members have to wait for around 48 hours to get full access. Once approved, users can then record responses to questions as well as a ‘waiting video’ which plays on a loop on their profile.

Although YouTube already has a ‘video responses’ section under each video, VYou seems to be directly aimed at the individual profile. This could be the perfect opportunity for celebrities to indulge in a little PR, which would attract public members by the hordes.

As mentioned above, VYou is still relatively young, but Estate Agents could see this as potential opportunity. By answering questions, Estate Agents have the opportunity to show-off their expert knowledge on local properties as well as the industry.

A possibility that may not be for everyone, for the time it could be best to keep our ears to the ground.

James Coyne – eMarketing and Social Media consultant