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Video tips

Video is one of the most underused tools within an Estate Agent’s online belt. From the 2D images and text, Estate Agents can add another dimension by simply placing videos onto their Estate Agent website.

If you are interested in filming video for your website, we have collected a selection of tips that will help you create the perfect property related video on your Estate Agent website.

Learn by playing

Practise really does make perfect. If your first Estate Agent video turns out a little shaky, don’t worry, just look to see where you think you’ve gone wrong and try to improve on it.

Remember you can even get your family, friends and co-workers will all be more than willing to pitch in with new ideas!

Perfect quality? Not needed

There was once a time where even the average consumer would have found it impossible to get their grubby little mitts on adequate equipment, but now our modern digital age, even the lowly smart phone can produce acceptable quality.

Of course the more video quality the better your video will look, but the point here is that it doesn’t have to be done by a professional to look, well… professional.


Video doesn’t follow the rule of “The longer the better”. The general public’s attention spans online are shorter than a child that’s had too much sugar.

Therefore try to keep your videos between a minute and a minute and a half. This allows you to get your message across without boring your website’s visitor stiff.

Purchase a tripod

Stability is a big factor. If you’ve ever done any recording you’ll know that no one (not even a sniper) has a completely unsteady hand. A tripod (or a DIY rest made out of cushions/books/office temps) will help give you the stability you need.

Wear a microphone

When Luke Stanley and I were previously filming for Resource Techniques, we found that sound quality drastically increases just by wearing a small electronic ear adding a much needed quality layer of sound.


Light is even more important than sound! No matter how bright you think it is, your video could probably be brighter. Open every curtain, turn on every light and burn every book to try and get the perfect light conditions.


Funnily enough, the setting of your video can go a long way as well as ruining many takes. Try to consider what brand image your Estate Agency portrays and then emulate that within the video.

Are you a country agent? Why not get out of the office and show the idyllic countryside that your website speaks about?

Editing software

Lastly we have editing software. It’s pretty much impossible to make a half-decent video without any editing. Estate Agents, try shopping around the internet will provide you with easy-to-use packages that won’t empty your bank account.