Video conference through your iPhone and Android

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Video conference through your iPhone and Android


Videoconferencing or video calling has been popular for businesses since the 1980s. Even sci-fi films such as total recall and demolition man predicted that video conferencing will be a daily occurrence for everyday citizens.

Now with mobile phones, people have enabled people to add a moving image to sound.

Although a little pixelated and ‘laggy’ (failing to keep up/slow connection), the technology has taken a huge leap forward since the golden era of the smart phone.

Now connecting to your Wi-Fi, your iPhone 4 can video call another iPhone using ‘Face time’.

This is all well and good, but what if you’re trying to arrange an event with more than one party? What if one member of that party wants to make changes? You don’t want to spend a good portion of your day playing ‘telephone tennis’.

Fring wants to change all that.

Fring is an app for the iPhone AND Android that will allow video calling for up to 4 people free over Wi-Fi as well as offering a service over 3G.

It doesn’t stop there either. Not only is this app allow people with the app free worldwide calls, but Fring also provides a free text chat.

Fring is able to call any regular phone, but the user will need to buy credits and charges will apply. E.G. Calls to a U.K. landline will cost 1 American cent and another mobile will cost 12.8 cents (7p) per minute.

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