Twitter updates search with autocorrect

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Twitter updates search with autocorrect

Twitter’s search function has had a slight upgrade with a number of new features that will help users find the information they are looking for faster than before.

The upgrade that most people are talking about is the addition of auto-complete search suggestions which appears below the search box as you type (just like Google). The dropdown tries to predict what you are searching for, as well as Twitter accounts that may match what you are typing in the search box.

After the search is completed, Twitter has also added a new filter to the tweet results. In addition to being able to see “top” or “all” tweets, users can now see tweets from “People you follow.”

This will be a very popular new filter that will help users search for tweets from people they follow that are a few days old.

Here are a few other upgrades that Twitter has done:

  • Spelling corrections for misspelled terms
  • Related suggestions
  • Real names and usernames in search results – similar to Facebook search

Twitter has said that the upgrades have been rolled out on, while not all the features have been added to its iPhone and Android apps.

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