Twitter is alien to me

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Twitter is alien to me


Estate Agents, does twitter seem like it has come from another planet? There is certainly no arguing that it does not compare to Facebook but it does have some outstanding statistics.

Luckily Resource Techniques is on hand – below is a summary of what Twitter is and some common terms that Estate Agents will come across.

Twitter is essentially a blog, but because of its limit to 140 characters, it is defined as micro blogging.

This micro blogging goes beyond “I’m having a ham sandwich for lunch” – not only is it a medium for communication, it allows people to share information, links, news, pictures, videos, audio clips.

This gives Estate Agents the perfect chance to communicate with their local community, whilst showing that they are the local expert and their services are the best around.

A quick glossary:

  • Tweet – a single message sent through twitter
  • @ - The ‘@’ sign is used to mention or communicate with someone on twitter.
    E.G. to talk to Resource Techniques just put - @RTechniques
  • Retweet – Also written “RT”. A Retweet is an integral part of twitter and allows people to share the best links, tweets and gems.
    E.G. – RT @Rtechniques New website released!
  • Hashtag – Nothing to do with being electronically tagged for selling drugs, the hashtags are used to organise and categorise for both twitter and organisers alike. The hashtag will become a clickable link in which, once pressed, automatically searches twitter.
    E.G. - #FF/#ff –This stands for Follow Friday and unique to twitter
  • – These are links that have been shortened to fit into twitter. We suggest that you use – Each shortened link can be counted, making your cations on twitter quantifiable.
  • Lists – Lists are another categorisation tool on Twitter. You will notice that once you have been on twitter for a while, various people will categorise you in lists.
  • Tweetup – Tweetup is simply a meeting for people that use twitter.