Twitter for Estate Agents – Follow Friday

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Twitter for Estate Agents – Follow Friday


Any Estate Agent that takes their online presence seriously will be on Twitter or starting to create an effective strategy. If you are the latter, read our article on the advanced way to use twitter search.

If you are also an Estate Agent that has yet to enter the world of Tweeting, you might be unaware of a cultural tradition that occurs every single week without fail – Follow Friday.

Follow Friday tagged as #followfriday or #ff is trend where Twitter users recommend people they follow to the people who follow them. It is a fantastic system where the best and brightest are promoted to the ‘stardom’ that they deserve, but with one flaw.

Follow Friday has been abused.

Many Twitter users now reel of username after username in a lazy attempt to maximise the quantity of people that they are trying to connect to.

Unfortunately this means that Twitter users end up with a tweet stream of endless usernames and no way in which to segregate which users are relevant or worth following.

Therefore it is up to Estate Agents to bring back this tradition to its former glory. When promoting local followers that are worth following, give them their own #FF tweet and a reason why people should follow them.

This then means that Estate Agents should then limit the amount of #followfriday tweets that they send out so that not only it amplifies the recommendation but they are then not caught out by spamming their followers.

Estate Agents can check out the Resource Techniques twitter profile at