Twitter expanded tweets - now with more interactivity

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Twitter expanded tweets - now with more interactivity

Twitter has updated its “expanded tweets” feature this week allowing their users to view more interactive content inside tweets via both desktop and mobile devices.

When people expand tweets containing a news article, people will be able to see a headline, introduction of the article and possibly the twitter account of the author.

Meaning you are now able to preview articles from news sources and seeing images directly on Twitter instead of having to click off the website (similar to how Facebook’s thumbnails work).

The micro-blog has joined up with several highly esteemed news blogs such as The New York Times, Daily Motion, Buzzfeed and TMZ, so if you click on tweets from one of the accounts linked to these newsfeeds you, you will get a story, video clip or image right there on Twitter.

Expanded tweets from YouTube and Instagram remain in place as before.

This update will gradually roll out to more users over time.

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