Tribute to 5 years of YouTube

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Tribute to 5 years of YouTube

Last week Resource Techniques wrote an article on YouTube’s 5th birthday with breathtaking facts. Following such a great response from the Estate Agents who follow our Newsletter, the Estate Agent web design team have decided to compile a list of the greatest human feats recorded on YouTube.

  • World freehand circle drawing champion – James Coyne at Resource Techniques found this video particularly incredible exclaiming, ‘Don’t they say only insane people are able to draw perfect circles?!’
  • • World’s fast clapper – Kent French, also nicknamed “toast” is the fastest clapper in the world with 14 claps per second. The clap must be in his blood.
  • World’s longest slam dunk – OK so the man had some help but Estate Agents won’t fail to be impressed.
  • Most T-shirts worn at one time – This feat takes such a long time that Estate Agent can watch as the video changes from night to day.
  • Rubik’s cube World record – This video is simply incredible that even the camera man is shocked.
  • World’s fastest undresser – No one needs to be naked this fast, or do they?

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, ‘All the videos above are stunning and have gained millions of views. Estate Agents must try to think outside the box to attract these sorts of viewers to their YouTube channel.

‘Think about what makes you, your staff or your local area special and share it with the world.’ – Troy Stanley.