Top SEO strategies for Estate Agents in 2011

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Top SEO strategies for Estate Agents in 2011

2011 didn’t come in with exciting new strategies for the SEO world. Although specific strategies that came about in 2010 will have a larger impact on the success of your marketing campaigns in 2011.

Here are six strategies we think will have a bigger impact on Estate Agent SEO in 2011.

  1. Socialising online
    This is something the Estate Agents at Resource Techniques are probably getting tired of hearing, but Social marketing is becoming a bigger factor in SEO. 2010 was the year Social Networking noticeably affected search ranking and this will obviously carry on and become more prominent in the following years.
    To take advantage of these strategies Estate Agents will have to learn how to create interest content and learn how to spread it through a mixture of social sites.
  2. Local Search
    Local Search within Search Engines also really took off in 2010. Any Estate Agent trying to get an online presence and people to their doors will need a Google places business page.
  3. E-marketing
    Email marketing has been around for years and years and has been making a huge comeback lately. E-marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your website and is known to have a better conversion rate then Social Media.
  4. Video Marketing
    Users love watching videos, being the reason YouTube is such a huge success. Information videos don’t always seem like they could do much for your business but people do refer back to them and they can produce many leads.
  5. News Articles/Blogs
    This is another strategy that has been around for years and is still one of the most effective for SEO. Blogging can do so much for your business, it can make you an authority, produces links, it is fresh content for your website and creates a way to leverage social media to drive traffic as well as conversions.

  6. Content Marketing
    Content marketing in all is very important, blog post, press releases, articles and infographics boosts SEO through fresh content, natural link building and makes your Social Networking campaign more interesting. It also can drive a huge amount of traffic and leads.

    The success of content marketing is by producing unique, interesting content and stories that will attract visitors and can build a brand better then buying ad space.

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