Top 5 SEO articles by Resource Techniques

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Top 5 SEO articles by Resource Techniques


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for Estate Agents is one of those subjects that every Estate Agent has to come across when considering a new website design. When 92% of people use Google to search for property in the UK, Estate Agents have to be at least on page one. Without modern SEO techniques, Estate Agents will be missing on major amount of website visits.

Resource Techniques regularly covers SEO for Estate Agents so that Estate Agents can keep up to date on the latest SEO movements. Below are the top 5 recent SEO articles covered by Resource Techniques for Estate Agents.

  • 1. Communicating in a language that computers understand

    An expertly constructed article by Troy Stanley on the way Estate Agents, web site designers and search engines communicate. This article was written at the Estate Connect Conference in New York and covers many widely discussed topics on SEO and the SEO industry.
  • 2. Estate Agents don't forget about the long tail of SEO

    '70% of search engine traffic comes from the long tail of search terms' sticks out like a sore thumb in this article. Unsure of the meaning of long tail of SEO, we suggest you click on the click above.
  • 3. Are village web designers attaining city traffic for your estate agent website?

    Moving people onto your website, or 'traffic' in web design terms, is the whole point of using SEO in the first place because there is no point in having a website if no one is there to view it. A must read article for Estate Agents who feel their website is not living up to its potential.
  • 4. You've heard about SEO, but what about YTO

    Not exactly about SEO, but optimising your videos will mean more views. Perfect for the Estate Agent that uses or wants to use video on their website.
  • 5. SEO update for Estate Agents

    This article is possibly the latest development that will affect Estate Agent websites, are you up to date?

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments on SEO, 'SEO should be regarded with the upmost importance when considering a new website design. Beautiful web design is nothing if nobody is there to see it.'