Top 5 Sat Navs for estate agents reviewed by Resource Techniques

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Top 5 Sat Navs for estate agents reviewed by Resource Techniques

Sat Navs are an essential for estate agents on the road. With local knowledge being valuable, but going from A to B, in the quickest time and avoiding traffic is priceless. Resource Techniques has compiled, what we think, to be the top 5 sat navs for estate agents including our own estate agent rating system:

Garmin Nuvi 765T

Garmin Nuvi 765t

Not many estate agents are aware of the Nuvi range because of the Tomtom's saturation in the UK. Garmin was founded in 1989 and not only did they start making GPS gadgets a whole two years before Tomtom, but they have released many more models including GPS for mobile phones, laptops, aircraft, handheld, radars.

The Nuvi 765T is not the latest model, but one of the best in its range. It has a 4.8 inch screen, very easy to use, a very useful lane guidance feature on carriageways and in-built traffic updates. One feature that is particularly useful is the 3D landmarks that will help any inner-city driver. At £289.99, the Garmin Nuvi is a bargain.

Resource Techniques unique rating: 4 estate agents out of 5

Four Stars

Tomtom GO! 940 Live

Tomtom GO!940 Live

Released in October last year, the Tomtom 940 is one of the best retail Sat Navs available. Its screen is .5 inches smaller than the Nuvi but has a much better traffic updated, named 'HD Traffic'. Live traffic data is updated every three minutes to help you stay clear of any increasing or standstill traffic and adjusts your route accordingly. If you get stuck in traffic, the Tomtom will also calculate the time delay awaiting you. Although this does keep you informed, drivers might find the knowledge of their wait frustrating.

Other ingenious features include; local Google business searches, locating the cheapest petrol prices around you, and upcoming speed cameras. This sat nav is perfect for someone who travels/commutes a lot and is willing to put pay the hefty price tag of £349.99 (from the Tomtom website with a free 3 month trial to their Live Services) and then £8 per month for continued access to the Live Services.

Resource Techniques unique rating: 5 estate agents out of 5

Five Stars

Navman S30

Navman S30

This is the ultimate sat nav for estate agents on a budget! At its low price of £74.45 from Amazon, this is also a fantastic stocking filler for first time drivers. It has a 3.5 inch screen and includes the basic features that every Sat Nav includes.

Estate agents must remember that buying on a budget comes at a price. A few online reviews have complained that they have come across places where the map isn't updated and cost extra to update.

Resource Techniques rating: 2 estate agents out of 5!

Two Stars

Navigon 8110

Navigon 8110

The Navigon 8110 has a very sleek design, 4.3 inch screen and comes with a range of lovely features, some that estate agents will find useful, and some that they won't. Although the first thing estate agents will notice are the yellow roads that clearly point out the desired route. This bucks the trend of the usual colours and is great for usability.

The range of features includes:

  • Bluetooth connection to your phone - allowing estate agents to use 'hands free' while on the road.
  • 'Reality view' - basically lane assist. Helping estate agents visualise what lane they should be merging onto.
  • Panoramic view
  • Voice recognition
  • Fm radio - What car doesn't have a radio?
  • Digital photo viewer
  • Music player
  • Speed camera database
  • Pin protection - To stop anyone else using it

The Navigon 8110 has more features than estate agents can shake a stick at and is perfect for estate agents that will actually use the whole range of features but not for the type of estate agent that will only use it to get from A to B. Currently estate agents can get the Navigon 8110 from £198.70.

Resource Techniques unique rating: 4 estate agents out of 5

Four Stars

tomtom rider

Tomtom Rider

It would unfair to forget the estate agents that are cool enough to ride to work on motorcycles so Resource Techniques have included the Tomtom Rider. This is specifically designed to navigate cyclists the best way from one point to another while also keeping the main machinery dry, functional and visible.

The Tomtom rider has a 3.5 inch screen that has a 'glove friendly' touch screen. It comes with the usual functions such as a map update (if you subscribe) and upcoming speed cameras because we all know that bikers love speed. The Tomtom rider is a must for bikers!

Resource Techniques unique rating: 3 estate agents out of 5

Three Stars