Top 15 need-to-know news articles for a modern agent

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Top 15 need-to-know news articles for a modern agent

In June of this year, Resource Techniques has increased the number of news features. Our team is dedicated to providing the latest news for estate agents including general internet news, social networking news, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) news, latest gadgets, website design for estate agents and many more. To celebrate this, we have complied our top 15 news articles that will help today's modern estate agent.

1. Estate agents, Generation Z are slowly growing up
2. Estate agents, SEO services are not just for Christmas
3. Estate agents are you having a social networking burnout?
4. Estate agents who are you more likely to communicate with on social networks? Men or Women?
5. Estate agents, me too positioning won't cut it with social networking
6. The crucial SEO secret that has been over looked - by almost everyone
7. 25 captivating Google internet Stats for estate agents
8. Top 5 Sat Navs for estate agents
9. Minesweeper and solitaire - the hidden education from the misunderstood demon
10. Estate agents, internet users love animations on your property website
11. Resource Techniques conclusion from our free website review for estate agents
12. 5 Killer songs for bored estate agents
13. Getting website design wrong will harm your business
14. Did you know that websites can bounce?
15. The end for newspaper advertising? Many estate agents ask this question

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'Our news archive is growing by the day!'

'My favourite articles include, 'Estate agents, Generation Z are growing up', 'getting your website design wrong will harm your business' and 'estate agents, SEO services are not just for Christmas'. Troy Stanley continues.

'We upload all our articles onto our Twitter page and Facebook page. Check daily to see the latest news relating to property professionals.' - Troy Stanley.