Three ways Estate Agents can access twitter

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Three ways Estate Agents can access twitter


Estate Agents you don’t just have to only use the website to use twitter. In fact since twitter is open source, it seen the rise of many third party apps that give a much better user experience than just on the website.

In total there are three ways that Estate Agents can use twitter:

  • Web

As you are probably already familiar, website lets users tweet, search for followers, see who mentioned them, retweeted them, create and follow lists etc. The interface also allows users to change the colour scheme, background image and profile information.

Although it gives users the greatest variation of actions, users have to click on the navigation or wait till a bar appears telling them that they have new tweets (instead of automatically appearing).
Estate Agents may wish to read a complete twitter guide as well as the article ‘twitter is alien to me’.

An alternative to the twitter website is Twitterfall creates a waterfall or automatic stream of tweets that fall from the top of the screen. Users are able to manipulate the stream in a whole variety of ways to see what they want to see.

  • Apps

Apps or ‘applications’ are created on smartphones or tablet computers such as the famous iPad. Apps are small, compact and perfect for small interfaces. What makes apps so popular is that people may tweet whilst on-the-go and upload pictures, videos and audio clips whilst geo-tagging their tweets.

One example is the teamprop app from team the network of Estate Agents. Also Estate Agents may wish to read iPad questions as well as our top 5 property apps.

There is the twitter official app, but many users have complained about crashing so many have downloaded third party apps such as HootSuite for twitter and Echofon for Twitter.

  • Desktop software

Estate Agents that want to make sure that keep an eye on their twitter feed might want to consider downloading software to their desktop.

Programs such as Tweetdeck and Seesmic will automatically update in the background whilst the user works on other projects. The twitter desktop software saves having to login to twitter every time and will give the user a complete overview as well as being able to shorten links, upload media and manage multiple accounts E.g. Personal and company profiles.

Personally I suggest using Tweetdeck but there are many die-hard fans for other alternatives.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant