Three tantalising Google Tweaks

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Three tantalising Google Tweaks


Well hasn't Google been a busy body - within the space of 24 hours, Google has unveiled 3 projects that are coming to a near you. Two of them directly affects Google's main search feature and one affects only Android mobile phone users, but also includes search. Read on to find out more...

Firstly let's cover the new feature affecting Android mobile phone users. Google have released the next step of mobile search, a slight tongue twister; Google Goggles. Google Goggles uses image recognition technology to help the user identify what they are looking at.

All the user has to do is take a picture and upload it to Google Goggle which then uses image recognition technology and gives associated information. Currently Google Goggle can recognise Landmarks, Books, Contact info, Artwork, Places, Wine and logos.

Google Wine

Imagine taking this technology to the extreme. You go to a different country and you can't understand the characters on a menu. Google Goggle then allows you to translate the choice to the associated image or text then users will go back to the old ways of point and nodding. Good times.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'Unfortunately I have an iPhone, but I will be waiting patiently until it is released [on the iPhone]'.

Check back soon to read about the other two search updates directly affecting your search results.