Three reasons Twitter should be used by Estate Agents

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Three reasons Twitter should be used by Estate Agents

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks at the moment, yet many estate agents still haven’t been able to see the potential Twitter has to offer.

A recent survey has found that only six out of ten small businesses believe social media tools are valuable to their company’s growth. The survey also showed that 41% of small business owners found LinkedIn had the most potential to help their company but surprisingly only 3% could say the same about Twitter.

It’s clear that many businesses don’t understand the potential the social platform has to help grow their company but the key to having a successful Twitter profile is in the way you run it, so here’s a rundown of the important points:

Twitter gives your brand personality

Social networks are two way streets, while it is easy to just tweet links back to your site, you really should aim to give your account more personality.

Don’t be boring, try to tweet photos and videos, mention local news events, ask questions and offer valuable points of view.

It allows you to be proactive with your audience

Twitter allows you to monitor the conversation around your business; due to the fact most of the tweets are public. You are able to see what people are saying and how they are sharing your content. This will help you discover what your audience thinks about your business, as well as what they are interested in and what types of things you should post in the future.

It makes announcements easier to digest

You are given 140 characters per tweet but it’s a good idea to leave your tweets shorter than that. The reasoning behind this is that by leaving some space it makes it easier for people to retweet your post and include their own comments within it. This is important if you want people to engage with your business and share your content.

Obviously this isn’t always possible, but it’s something you should try and do when you can. If you give your tweets some space, you are likely to get more out of them.

So why not give Twitter a go and be sure to add us @RTechniques.

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