Think outside the Facebook box

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Think outside the Facebook box

It is tempting to join follow the crowd, sign up to Facebook, update the most basic information, possibly only link to properties that you have for sale about your Estate Agency and have a 'me too' strategy.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe it's time to think outside of the box. If Estate Agents do not offer something different or at the very least, valuable content that property searchers and vendors will want to read.

Estate Agents instead of building a standard business page, try something a little different. This strategy requires a little more time but the rewards can easily outweigh the energy spent.

  • 1. Community - Not only should you build a Facebook page for your business but also build a page for your local area. Do not go over the top, but Estate Agents can then 'Sponsor' the fan page adding links for people to access your business page.
  • 2. Content - Upload news, pictures and current events in your local area. All the information you need is available on the internet and any Estate Agents with smart cameras can load pictures through their mobile phone.
  • 3. Engage - Estate Agents should not only update their business page with a variety of content but also do their best to engage local residents. This means talking to local people and creating open discussions about the local area.
  • 4. Enrage? - A risky strategy but guaranteed to provide a flurry of activity on your local Facebook page - as long it isn't directed to you. Consider a possible strategy of talking about an unpopular housing development, council strategy, mobile phone mast being erected, or anything of that nature.