Think beyond Twitter Text

| Web design

Many Estate Agents and members of the public think that Twitter is only for people that love updating their Facebook statuses. Twitter is so much more than that.

Estate Agents can share any forms of media via Twitter, not just the 140 characters. As we all know, more forms of media we have access to, the more fun and information we can share.

  • Links – Shortly after the birth of Twitter, there was a need to shorten long web addresses (URL’s) to fit into the short space. Services such as are very popular with Twitter users as it gives Estate Agents the ability to see how many people clicked on their links as well what country and where on the internet.
  • Photos – Smart phones have given the citizen journalist and amateur photographer the chance to share what they see with the whole of Twitter. Services available such as Twitpic are free and will create a nice short link for you.
  • Audio clips – Do you want your voice to be heard on Twitter? Estate Agents, Websites such as Audioboo where they believe ‘sound is social’ are again free to use.
  • Videos – Everyone loves to watch a viral video. With a little originality and intuition, Estate Agents are able to create a video that is shared by the masses. Again free services such as TwitVid create a nice little link while hosting the videos on their website.

There are now rumours circulating the internet that Twitter will soon place photos and videos directly into Estate Agent’s Tweets and the people that they are following.

Troy Stanley, Chief Technical Officer at Resource Techniques comments, ‘Could this be the clincher to get the vast amount of Facebook members to migrate to Twitter? Only time will tell.’

James Coyne – eMarketing and Socail Media Consultant