The USB love train

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The USB love train


Anyone that has bought a (cheaper) laptop or netbook will know the limitations of having a single USB port with many gadgets all greedy for its electric goodness.

Estate Agents will not struggle to find a USB article here at Resource Techniques, have written articles on Biometric USBs and even USB glove warmers – which will be useless now summer is slowly rolling in.

This week we stumbled across a gadget that overcomes this problem.

By placing another USB port into the back of the lead, Estate Agents can theoretically have a whole line of InfinityUSBs plugged into each other allowing as many gadgets or PC accessories as your heart desires.

After a bit of research, there seems to be two possible causes for concern. For one, power consumption means that the more devices you plug in, the more you are running a risk of damaging the original port and once this is damaged, none of them will work. Secondly running data through many would either make the process slow or corrupt the transferred data.

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