The ultra compact miniature Camera

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The ultra compact miniature Camera

It’s not the easiest thing these days to market a camera since most people are happy to take photos with their Smartphone’s but many come to realisation that the Smartphone camera isn’t perfect for every situation.

However most people will simply put up with the Smartphone’s picture quality just for its convenience, rather than lugging round another camera but due to the Nikon Coolpix S01 size it could in fact be a good addition to the Smartphone camera.

Nikon has released the smallest ever digital compact camera, being 77mm long, 51mm wide and 17mm thick (about half the size of an iPhone).

The spec of the compact camera is quite impressive using a 1/3inch CCD sensor to deliver 10.1MP shots in spite of its miniscule 96g frame.

With a 7.3GB storage space you’ll be able to snap up around 190 photos. There is also a 720p video option which you can view on the 2.5inch screen.

The easily portable, high quality compact camera is to be released in the UK September 27th and is surprisingly affordable too, setting you back £149.

So is this proof that good things come in small packages?

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