The three pillars of web success

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The three pillars of web success

Every estate agent should take the time to learn all the basics online marketing practices and strategies to better understand how to get the most out of it. Online marketing covers a wide range of marketing options and in many cases can offer better return on investments than the traditional marketing methods we all have used in the past.

Once you leave all the complicated jargon behind, you will see online marketing simply comes down to your website, SEO and social media. These are the 3 pillars that all other online marketing strategies revolve.

If you can get your head around these 3 pillars, you should be able to find success online.

Website Design

When it comes to web design you shouldn’t focus too much on being overly creative. Of course, your website has to be visually pleasing but a successful website will also have to be easy to use and navigate as well as beautiful to look at.

Your audience is very unlikely to return to your website if it is hard to use, poorly structured, outdated or confusing to navigate.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO can make or break your website. If no one can find your website then no one will come to your website (no matter how beautiful and modern it is). The majority of people that end up on your website via Google are likely to be looking for your business specifically or a business that provides the services you offer and if you aren’t optimised then no one is likely to find you at all.

SEO enables you to appear high up on Googles search engine results, which makes it easier for potential customers to find from queries related to your services.

Driving traffic to your website is only one advantage of SEO, it is also valuable as it tells you where your visitors are coming from, how long they stay, among many other useful audience behaviours that you can view via tools like Google Analytics.

Social Media

These days, social media is a necessity for any business and it’s not going anywhere. It is important for you to be actively posting valuable content to your audience via as many social platforms as you can manage, if you can only manage one or two then stick with Facebook and Twitter. As always it’s about quality not quantity. Don’t overstretch yourself by signing up to every social account out there!  

It is important you build your brand and interact with your audience. Your goal should be to position yourself as an authority in your industry and area. Avoid using social platforms as a place to list your properties and don’t force salesy posts upon your audience. You will only find success on social media if you engage with your audience over the valuable information you’ve posted. 

Luke Stanley