The sharpest USB stick around

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The sharpest USB stick around


However you want to call them, USB sticks, flash drives or memory sticks are incredibly useful when you want to transfer files from one PC over to the next.

Here at Resource Techniques USB flash drives have cropped up a few times in our gadgets of the week including ‘The USB love train’ and ‘Biometric USB’, which are both the same, but very unique.

This week Resource Techniques has stumbled upon possibly the greatest USB flash drive – the Victorinox Slim Flash.

It can hold a whopping 64GB with an outstanding 29MB/second file transfer speed and automatic backup.

Not only that but the Slim Flash by Victorinox comes with its own software that provides password protection and a bookmark and favourites manager. Not only is this keeping your data safe but it gives you quick access to everything that is important to you.

This USB stick comes in 5 colours and starts around £40 for a 4GB version, rising to £300 for a 64GB version.

James Coyne – eMarketing and Social Media Consultant