The real social media ROI for Estate Agents

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The real social media ROI for Estate Agents


Any Estate Agent that regularly reads articles distributed by Resource Techniques will know that social media requires dedication and commitment to achieve any real world gains. These real world gains only materialise if Estate Agents are willing to accept that it is a long term strategy – not something that will happen overnight.

If Estate Agents are dedicated and realistic, they will find that there are three main social media rewards. Each one of these will appear in varying amounts:

  • Sales – Let’s quash this one straight away. Sure, direct sales are possible from social media but are extremely rare if you have only have a limited amount of fans or followers. I can guarantee that if you decided to only tweet your properties time after time, you’re going to have a limited amount of followers and you’re not going to sell any properties.
  • Networking – Remember the old adage, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, well Social Media is named as social for a reason. It gives Estate Agents a chance to get to know other people in their industry, engage with them, and then possibly develop offline business relationships.
  • News, Ideas and information – One of best things about social media is that, if you follow the right people, your steam or timeline will be full of varying views and opinions. Whether you ask or it is simply presented in front of you, this ‘collective hive’ will regularly provide an alternative perspective of the property industry that you haven’t considered before.

Hopefully this has dispelled some myths that you, or your boss, have regarding social media.

James Coyne - eMarketing and Social Media Consultant.