The real number of fans on your Estate Agent Facebook page

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The real number of fans on your Estate Agent Facebook page


When Estate Agents start social media it is their main aim is to gather as many follows as possible and then claim a Facebook vanity URL. After a while their general motivation will decrease and many Estate Agents Facebook page will suffer from maintenance-only activities.

This is fine. It is only natural to rest on your laurels after a period of time but if Estate Agents want to renew their efforts, we have written a Social Media workout – just to get you started.

There is one aspect of your fans that you may not have considered is that the total number of fans shown on your Facebook page is not a true representation.

Sure, you have 10/20/50/100 fans, but unless they actively engage by liking your posts and commenting on them, they are simply a passer-by that will probably see the odd-post but never ‘get stuck in’ so to speak.

It is therefore the people that regularly interact on your Estate Agent Facebook page that are truly fans of your activities.

Feel that the number of your ‘true fans’ is a little on the low side? There’s no need to worry, it is simply a case of re-starting previous efforts by posting interesting content, tempting people to post and then engaging with them. Do it right and your true fan numbers will grow in no time.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Constultant