The post-Gutenberg era

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The post-Gutenberg era

The revolution has been and past.

We are now all in the post-Gutenberg era meaning that Estate Agent’s most valuable content is now online.

Make no mistake, print media, although struggling will always be around. As one Estate Agent said recently ‘I love the peace and quiet and the feel of the paper on a Sunday morning’. Print media will continue to hold a place in the human heart, but it will no longer contend with the possibilities of the digital word.

The online platform of the Estate Agent website gives Estate Agents a chance to share their expert knowledge of the surrounding area as well as the UK property industry – just as long as the view has an internet connection.

This can then be distributed to any social network of their choice, all providing targeted traffic to their website.

Not only that but uploading content then helps the Estate Agent’s website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

All Estate Agent website designs provided by Resource Techniques has a self-content system that gives Estate Agents the ability to write their own local news whilst giving their website a boost for SEO.

, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, ‘Every Estate Agent should upload articles to their website, the benefits are huge and it gives them a chance to establish themselves as the ‘local expert’.