The mobile Estate Agent website

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The mobile Estate Agent website


The internet is no longer constrained to monstrous mechanical boxes blasting out pretty (some not so pretty) colours and contours. It has evolved from there into glowing handheld gadgets that are more versatile than a Swiss army knife’s robotic love child.

As mentioned before in Mobile internet usage is on the rise, Estate Agents will have noticed that not only more and more people have smart phones, but people are more openly using them within the home and in public - even Facebook is planning their own App Store.

It is then becoming increasingly important for any business owners to cater for the mobile avenue.

For Estate Agents it’s vital. Property searchers will access your website from the bus stop, in a post office queue and even on the toilet just to view your properties.

Whereas normal Estate Agent websites are designed for desktop browsers, mobile websites are… well, for mobiles. 

Obviously users still want to use the property search function and view various media but the mobile site needs to be changed so that it is usable on a smart phone. For one, the whole process and interface needs to be simplified so that not only can it be used for a touchscreen, but it can also cater for users with limited signal.

Even with Estate Agent apps, you just have to ask yourself: Am I prepared for the inevitable?

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Constultant