The latest UK online trends

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The latest UK online trends


Every year Estate Agents listen to the main stream media about the rise of internet, smart phone and television usage in the UK – or even a combination or all three.

This year is no different.

Ofcom’s latest figures show that the public now spend on average 7 hours a day using the aforementioned media.

For the full breakdown, visit the BBC website for the full article on UK media usage.

A quarter of that time is spent solely on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Many have even gone as far as questioning whether social networks will take over email.

An interesting fact stated by Ofcom is that 81% more people now own a smart phone from last year and 45% of all mobile usage online time was spent on Facebook.

Although statistics like these appear year-on year, bells should be ringing for Estate Agents that do not take their social networking, website or online presence seriously.

Now is the time to act and unleash the full potential of this online usage.

Modern Estate Agents need to use their website as a central hub of information that takes traffic from search engines, social networks while also being mobile compatible. Once on their Estate Agent website, the user needs to be captivated by the welcoming, yet user-friendly design whilst also being impressed by the range of media and technology in which their properties are displayed.

All this is possible. Estate Agents no longer have to put up with awkward homepages and tiny images barely showing the property in question and a website that does not have the latest technology, or at worse the basic functionality that property searchers expect.

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