The latest iPhone rumours

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The latest iPhone rumours


There is no doubt that the iPhone is the most popular phone for Estate Agents. Here at Resource Techniques we covered a whole range of articles including ‘iPhone tricks’, ‘80s retro iPhone case’, and even the ‘top 5 photography iPhone apps’.

There is no sign that the iPhone will decrease in popularity, especially for Estate Agents. Many are now enjoying a Resource Techniques iPhone app including James Rigby Estate Agents in Weston Super Mare and Mullucks Estate Agents in Bishop Stortford.

It is no surprise that many agents have been talking about the many iPhone rumours that have been leaked, spread or anticipated.

We have then decided to give agents a little hint of the various rumours:

  • Upgrade, not a redesign - Many sources are reporting that rather than an iPhone 5 (i.e. a major redesign), Apple will simply be upgrading the current version. This means that it’ll be more like an ‘iPhone 4GS’.
  • Dual core A5 processor – This is the same processor that powers your iPad! This will give the new iPhone quite a kick to it!
  • 8 Megapixel rear camera – 3 megapixels more than the previous camera.
  • iOS 5 release – This is the next operating system software update and it is rumoured that apple is delaying this release to coincide with the new iPhone.
  • Full HD support – The iPad supports full 1080p HD, not a bad guess that the latest iPhone will as well.
  • 3.7 inch screen – Two inches larger than the previous version, two inches closer to the iPad.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Reports have gone even further to claim that Apple ‘bought special glass cutting machines because manufacturers found them too expensive to invest in’.
Whatever happens, we’re excited.