The Importance of Online Reputation

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The Importance of Online Reputation


Estate agents today are forever at the mercy of their customers. Unkind news, reviews and even lies can be posted and spread through the online world which can have a negative effect on your business.

But how should you deal with this and why is it important to manage your reputation online?

Your potential customers have the option to research your business before considering using your services. Obviously your reputation online can’t always be perfect but it is vital that it is generally good overall.

Information you should know:

  • 90% of consumers trust recommendations from others
  • 70% of potential customers consult reviews or ratings before purchasing
  • 97% of customers who made a purchase based on an online review found the review to be accurate
  • 51% of customers search for you on the internet before visiting your office

Who users trust:

  • 90% of customers trust recommendations from people they know
  • 70% of customers trust unknown users online
  • 27% of customers trust expert reviews
  • 14% of customers trust advertising
  • Also 75% of people don’t believe that businesses tell the truth in their advertisements

How to deal with negative reviews

1. Monitor your reviews – checking platforms on a regular basis that may have reviews such as Google Places and Facebook can save you from losing customers. Keep an eye out for negative reviews.

2. Ask for reviews - Encourage customers who are happy with your service to leave reviews. This way you can bury the bad reviews amongst them.

3. Respond – responding to constructive criticism can go a long way as it shows you are attentive to the services you provide. Negative reviews aren’t necessarily a bad thing if dealt with correctly as users recognise that negative reviews add authenticity to an online profile. Too many positive reviews can sometime look a little fake. 

Luke Stanley