The Importance of Content for Estate Agents

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As we all know content is very important for Search Engine Optimisation. Without it Search Engines would pretty much be blind and users would struggle to see what your website is about.

Over the years SEO has changed a lot but one thing has stayed consistent. Content is the one thing that will always drive success to your Estate Agents website.

Do you have a content strategy?

Here are some content strategies you can take on, (other then your main static content throughout your website) that will help you with your ranking:

  • Blog/article Content –
    A blog is a great place for you to create useful content, to help your customers/target audience with queries that they may have on your industry.

  • Social Networking Content –
    Do you have a Facebook and Twitter page for your business? If you haven’t you really should start thinking about doing one.

    • Facebook Content –
      Being able to share content with all your fans is a great way to promote your business. Constant self-promotion won’t ever work as people generally find it annoying but if you can get a good balance between being informative and a useful source within your industry, people will begin to follow you.

    • Twitter Content –
      Just like Facebook, if you are only using it for self-promotion it is going to fail. Creating interesting content and interacting with your followers is the key to success. If you are doing this right then self-promotion every now and again is ok but if you over do it users will simply just unfollow you.

  • Bringing the three above together –
    Combining the above (blog/social networking) is a great way to produce more content. For example, you can write a blog “How Ipad’s can affect Estate Agents”, plan ahead with a follow up question on Twitter and set up a poll on Facebook. This helps bridge these sources together, leading people from one channel to another. This gets them engaged on different levels.

  • Image Content –
    Giving Images Titles via Alt text is very simple and can be very effective. The challenging thing is to create unique appropriate titles that will benefit your SEO.

  • Video Content –
    YouTube is another one of the most popular websites on the net. Have you set up a business account on YouTube yet? YouTube is a great place to put useful content about your business. As Google can’t watch your videos they rely on text. Putting the right text in your video file is crucial for you to be seen. Video file name, title, description and tags help Google see what the video is about as well as what your business does. This also gives you a chance to add keyword-rich content and informative descriptions.

  • Press Release/News feature content –
    Is there anything new going on within your Estate Agency? Charity run? Special offers? Post it on your website for the world to see.

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