The future of Mobile Internet

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The future of Mobile Internet

We’ve all heard a lot about the growth of mobile internet over the past year but where is mobile internet going?

International Data Corporation predicts that the number of mobile internet users will have an annual growth rate of 16.6% between 2010 and 2015. That’s 83% growth in Mobile Internet usage by 2015.

At this rate by 2015 it is likely that there will be more internet users in the U.K using the internet through mobile devices than through PC’s or other wire line devices.

With this kind of increase in Mobile Internet usage, it will make the internet a very different place as all businesses and website owners will look to improve their website making it more accessible through mobile devices.

These stats are the site visits to Resource Techniques through Mobile Devices over the last month.

These stats are a small amount of Resource Techniques' traffic at about 7%.

Although don’t let this deter you, Estate Agency websites on average get about 30% of traffic to their website through Mobile Phone devices.

More internet predictions:

  • Internet users worldwide will increase from 2 billion in 2010 to 2.7 billion in 2015. At this point around 40% of the world’s population will have internet access.
  • The amount invested worldwide into online advertising in 2010 was $70 billion. By 2015, it is likely to increase to $138 billion.
  • The online marketing share of advertising across all media source is around 11.9%; by 2015 it will control around 17.8 percent of the advertising market share.

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