The future of Google?

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The future of Google?

Being one step ahead of the competition is crucial for Search Engine Optimisation. Knowing what Google are up to and where they are planning on going is a great advantage to get ahead of the curve. Even if these elements aren’t going to have any effect on your SEO at this point, in a week, a month or even a year the effects may carry a lot of weight.

Obviously no one can guarantee what Google will do in the future but it’s good to keep an eye on what’s happening with Search.  

Where we think Google is heading...

Google’s not going anywhere!

This is a pretty obvious one, especially in the UK. Google currently dominates Search with a 92% market share across the UK. Its closest competition being Bing has been struggling to get its foot in the door ever since it launch over two years ago.

Where are your users...?

Google is all about its users. You have to be everywhere your customers are Google Maps, Google Places, YouTube, etc. Think beyond your website; market your website through other sources, wherever you can get visibility make sure your brand is there too.

Social Media is obviously hugely popular in the Internet world. It can give you lots of attention, awareness and also traffic. Google has obviously noticed this and will, if not already start incorporating social sites like Twitter and Facebook into its algorithm. This could be from retweets to fans carrying the weight in SEO.

Local search...

Look at what Google has been doing over the years, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Places, Google Street View and look what’s becoming popular, mobile phone search and targeting. It’s obvious to see Google love the idea of localisation so expect to see more data being organised around local terms.


Even though change is inevitable there isn’t any need to panic, things are going to change in Search Engine Optimisation but nothing will change dramatically over night.

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