The future is mobile - RT release HTML 5/CSS3 website

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The future is mobile - RT release HTML 5/CSS3 website

‘91% of Smartphone users are never more than 3 feet away from their phone, 24 hours a day’ was a stat recently quoted to me at a ‘mobile’ industry conference I attended earlier in the year.

This got me thinking, people must take their phone everywhere... the toilet, in bed, on the bus, at the office, on the beach, in the pub, romantic moments... enough of that! But whilst Smartphone users may have their phones concealed about their person 24/7, one would hope that common decency would restrict the use of the device to such times and places considered appropriate...  

So during a comfort break and a necessary visit to the gentleman’s bathroom I was shocked to overhear a ‘gentleman’, in a locked cubical, having a heated discussion with a client... thus going some way to alter my previous theory of decency and decorum... None the less, this example and the countless others, perhaps more appropriate uses and users of the Smartphone are a testament to its rapid and continued importance as the number one companion to millions of lives.     

As the conference continued, the trends and accompanying statistics further confirmed the phenomenal rise in the use of the smart phone -

In no real order the one’s that stand out go something like this -   

‘Mobile will be the fastest growing platform for the next 5 years’

‘Mobile phones to overtake PC’s for web surfing by 2013’

‘975 Million Mobile web users expected by 2012’

‘500,000 new Smartphone users every month’

The message was fairly clear, as you might have expected from a ‘mobile’ focused conference that the future is Mobile, the stats are hard to ignore and you only have to look around to see the impact of the Smartphone has on the people around you, young and old, it seems that everybody has one.

The conference was at the beginning of 2011 and for me as the owner of an essentially web based business this perspective of the ‘future’ was an interesting development and that really got me thinking... So here we are with 1000’s of websites built for clients from Estate Agents to Mining companies, private hospitals to lawyers, all of which are built and designed for the big screen PC market, with little consideration being given to the mobile user...

So we began to look again at the ever changing technical challenges of the World Wide Web and the associated technologies that are on offer for the future mobile market, and it really shakes down something like this...

For the design and build of a brand new website, rather than developing an existing (the solution for existing sites will be covered in next weeks article) - the solution is fairly clear, there are some great new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 that are intelligent and work across all platforms, these technologies identify the size of the screen of the device viewing the website and displays the appropriate site to fit the screen, and as an example of the technology available we have recently completed a project to promote our APP and Mobile sites to our estate agent clients - 

Take a look at this, on your PC, iPhone, Android, iPad or tablet and see how it changes depending on the device you view it on, very cool!

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