The definition of great website design for estate agents

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The definition of great website design for estate agents

What makes a great websites for estate agents? Of course personal opinion plays a big part in what people see as great web design; however there are certain principles you have to consider in order to achieve greatness.

Despite what most estate agents think, web design isn’t just about having a visually pleasing website, many other aspects are incorporated to ensure the site works for your audience as well as support your brand.

Here are the eight principles of great web design:

1. Innovative

Be ahead of the game, don’t settle for anything less. Make use of current technologies to achieve an innovative user interface and functionality.

2. Be direct

Your websites job is to guide and encourage visitors to perform the actions you want them to. The design and layout of the website needs to be fully aligned to your websites goals.

3. Fulfil the needs of your audience

Who is your audience? The design of your website should aim to be appealing to your audience. Consider their needs and expectations, and then apply them to the design.

4. Usability

Is it easy for the user to find the information they are looking for? Do you have high quality content that is to the point and accurate? Can you use your website easily via any device? Does your website load fast? Do you provide the user with what they want?

Your website needs to be as user-friendly as possible. The site should be self-explanatory and intuitive. The user shouldn’t need to think.

5. Aesthetics

Design is subjective but the arrangements of colour, imagery, spacing and typography need to work in harmony with each other to give the website the best feel possible. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but a well-designed website with a modern feel won’t deter any user.

6. Consistency

Keep the layout and branding consistent throughout the website. Inconsistent websites look very unprofessional and can confuse the user.

7. Longevity

A great website will remain good and usable over time. They will adapt and grow as time goes on. It is important to keep your website current. This applies to both content and the site design.

8. Content is king

Content can make or break a website. Aim to only create high quality content, be informative and interesting.

Luke Stanley