The Bothersome Back Button

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The Bothersome Back Button

Website design is of grave importance for any Estate Agent website. As soon as a vendor or property searcher has accessed the website, Estate Agents have 3 seconds to impress.

Although it is important to stress that web design is not the only thing that Estate Agents should be wary about. All 3 aspects need to be collectively considered – including website design, functionality and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

So why should Estate Agents be concerned with the Back Button? The reason - the Back Button is one of the easiest buttons to press when surfing the web.

Internet users know that their chosen search engine is safe, but the links that are produced may not be. Even if the website is safe, the user always has the Back Button just in case the website they stumble upon isn’t what they are looking for.

It is then, for the survival of the Estate Agent website, of grave importance that your website design impresses.

In fact impresses isn’t good enough. Once a property search or a potential vendor enters your website, the design hits them with a ton of digital bricks (don’t worry, digital bricks are weightless but shocking so they’ll be safe!)

In shock and awe, they then venture further into your website only to find high resolution images and a whole host of features that make the whole experience simply unforgettable.

Is this possible? Yes it is.

Estate Agents can blow their competition out of the water with a website design, SEO and functionality that their competitors cannot contend with.

Estate Agents, are you interested? View our portfolio page for outstanding Estate Agent web designs.