The Best and Worst Times to Share on Facebook, Twitter

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The Best and Worst Times to Share on Facebook, Twitter

What time is your post most likely to be viewed/clicked on? Link shortening service has released new data on when you should and shouldn’t be posting and sharing links on popular social networks. revealed that posting links to twitter between the hours of 1pm and 3pm will give you the highest click-through rate, especially on days earlier in the week. The worst time to post on twitter is generally after 8pm as well as posting links after 3pm on a Friday.

Facebook’s prime posting times are slightly different than Twitter. Links should be posted between 1pm and 4pm in order to get the most clicks with Wednesday at 3pm being the best time to post on Facebook.

After 8pm and before 8am are the worst times to post on Facebook and will result in the least amount of clicks and share. recommends you do not post links on either of the social networks during the weekends.

Traffic is said to increase at around 9am on both Facebook and Twitter but holding out until the afternoon to post a link is highly recommended. However make sure you do this before 4pm as traffic begins to fade at that time.

Hopefully by understanding the simple characteristics of each social network, you can publish your content at exactly the right time for it to reach the maximum number of people.

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