The benefits of Chrome

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The benefits of Chrome

Too many Estate Agents still use the same browser since the 1990s, without even taking a second glance at the other free possibilities available on the internet.

With the current UK browser market share standing at 49.9% for Internet Explorer, it is now time to discard the shackles of browser oppression and embrace the revolution that is Google Chrome.

Google Chrome was initially released at the end of 2008, Google Chrome has seen an incredible adoption rate and currently stands at 17.6% of the UK browser market share. With such rising popularity, what are the benefits of using Chrome as your main browser?

  • Speed
    Google Chrome is the fastest possible browser due to its ability to ‘multiprocess’ meaning that even if one website does cause Chrome to slow down, Estate Agents can simply move onto another tab and continue surfing.
    This also means that Chrome is known for its ability to stay running without crashing - perfect for Estate Agents working on software such as Teamworks Version 6.
  • Appearance
    Chrome is minimalistic which follows along the same lines as the Google homepage. No extra buttons or bars, just designed to surf the internet.
  • Security
    Google is so confident about the security of Chrome that they have offered a whopping $20,000 for anyone who can hack into the browser at the ‘Pwn2Own’ content on the 9th of March.

Estate Agents, visit the Google Chrome website to download the latest version today.