The 5 best (real-life) spy gadgets

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The 5 best (real-life) spy gadgets

With the release of the new James Bond movie this week, I thought it would be a good chance to have a look around for the best real-life spy gadgets!

Here are our 5 favourite spy gadgets:

Google Project Glass

Not only has Google been making a self-driving car but also wearable computers. Google’s Project Glass is probably the finest example of the “wearable computer” with the computer built into a pair of glasses.

However this great piece of spy wear probably won’t be on sale until the end of 2013...


Tiny spy pen

Gathering evidence has never been easier with this handy little spy pen camera. This subtle device may look like a normal pen but it is actually a 2.8mm wide-angle camera with a microSD card slot and microphone.

And with a price tag of £39 you don’t have to work for the MI6 to afford it!

Global GPS tracker

Following a car probably isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies but with the Byte mini globel GPS tracker you don’t even have to leave the office.

Hearing Amplifier

Need to eavesdrop on a conversation? The Motokata bionic ear hearing amplifier is just what you need. The bionic ear works from 20 feet away and the sound can be amplified by 50 decibels so even the quietest conversation can be heard.

Night vision monocular

Spying at night? Not been eating your carrots? Not a problem with Bresser NV 5x50 digital night vision monocular enables you to get around efficiently in the dark.