The 10 Essentials of Web Design

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The 10 Essentials of Web Design

Your company website shouldn’t be a static leaflet about your business, it should be a hub built for interaction that builds trust and encourages your audience to favour you over your competition.

Businesses know that websites are a necessity in this day and age, but the problem is that they don’t know the true potential that these hubs of information have for your business.

In 2016, it is worry to see just how many websites fall short of what the standard website must feature to find success online.

Here are the 10 standard functions every website should have:

1) A responsive website that can be used easily on any device no matter how big or small.

2) A fast loading website especially optimised for users with a slow internet connection.

3) Website analytics (at least Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools) to enable you to track your traffic, goals and conversions. Without this you won’t be able to improve your website, see the benefits or measure your success online.

4) A fully SEO optimised website with all the on-page tags and features.

5) The ability to create new landing pages for certain promotions or events you may be having.

6) A blog or news feature, to allow you to publish interesting, unique and relevant content for your audience to read.

 7) Integrated social media channels to promote engagement.

8) Informative content regarding your business (e.g. a welcome message, about us page, contact us info, list of service and what makes you unique).  

9) Clean and clear navigation that actually helps users find what they are looking for.

10) Essential security protocols to ensure you and your customers are safe.

It is important that you work with your web designers to meet these basic standards of web design. You will see a huge difference in your online presence and it will give you a strong foundation to build your website on. 

Luke Stanley