Template website vs. bespoke website design for Estate Agents

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Template website vs. bespoke website design for Estate Agents

For many Estate agents the choice of website designer often comes down to cost and the choice between a template site, where your website will look the same as many others, or a fully bespoke site that will be no doubt be individual but come at a considerable cost.

At Resource Techniques, where we specialise in building websites for estate agents, rather than having to choose between the mediocrity of a template style website or remortgaging your Ferrari for a bespoke designed website, we've chosen the 'third way'.

Having developed a foundation layer of technology that offers the kind of site functionality that most estate agents websites only dream of, we are able to apply bespoke website design to our state of the art underlying technology, producing stunning, award winning websites at surprisingly affordable prices.

Don't just take my word for it, checkout what our Estate Agent clients think of the websites we've built for them...

An example of our Estate Agent Website design testimonials: -

  • John Dennis (Proprietor) Dennis Estate Agents - "Sorting things out so smoothly and quickly afterwards"
  • Simon Albertini (Managing Director) Friend and Falcke Estate Agents - "Building a dynamic website from scratch is never easy"
  • Ben Linham (Owner) Acorn Properties - "Helping me every step of the way"
  • Alastair Hode (Sole Propietor) Alastair Hodge - "Positive response from buyers and sellers"
  • Alex Nicholson (Manager) Fisks - "Our new site is modern, fresh and eye catching while still capturing the essence of a traditional company"
  • Melanie (Partner) Kennedys - "Far more vibrant site with a more contemporary look, exactly what we were looking for!"

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- Troy Stanley, Chief Technical Officer at Resource Techniques