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team launch new website

This week sees the national rollout by Team Association of a brand new, cutting edge version of its industry-leading website,

The site was last given a major facelift in 2009 to reflect Team’s Blue Sky livery. Now, however, it has been completely re-designed and re-engineered from the ground up – partly in order to accommodate Teamworks v6, the eagerly-awaited new state of the art cloud-based version of the Association’s famous multi-listing software, and due for launch shortly.

At the same time, the opportunity has been taken to make the site even quicker and easier to use, as well as incorporating a whole array of advanced features designed to give a much richer and enjoyable user experience, says Team’s Marketing Director Clive Bryant. “Starting a few years ago with our highly successful Team Conveyancing proposition, and continuing most recently with the launch of our iPhone and Android apps, the range of specialist property-related services that Team members can offer their clients have increased exponentially. So, in addition to a faster, more  intuitive property search facility, a key objective in the re-design has been to maximize public awareness of these services. By bringing them all together in this way, we see teamprop as the glue linking all these benefits for members and customers alike.”

One of the UK’s first dedicated property portals when it was originally launched back in 1996,  teamprop has long enjoyed the reputation of being by a considerable margin the industry’s most accurate and up-to-date national site - courtesy of Team’s unique multi-listing technology, which ensures that all property information displayed is automatically updated every few minutes. As a result, appreciative house-hunters have consistently helped teamprop punch well above its weight in terms of visitor numbers.

This has been further reinforced by a major programming of Search Engine Optimisation, explains Clive. “In partnership with our software development company, Resource Techniques, Team has invested heavily in SEO on behalf of the membership, in order to maximise traffic,” he says. “This has been extraordinarily successful, often helping to generate more than 100,000 visits a month - which for an affiliation group web site is astonishing!”

Member agents who incorporate a teamprop search facility on their own company websites are also benefiting massively from this SEO campaign, with around 90% of them finding themselves close to or at the very top of the Google rankings – often ahead of much larger local competitors or major corporates.

All in all, then, these changes are expected to further reinforce teamprop’s popularity with both buyers and sellers – as well as those lucky team agents who enjoy exclusive access to it!

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