Team announce launch of new website, teamprop - NOW EVEN BETTER

| Web design

"If we can't match the major portals for sheer size, we can certainly outdo them when it comes to quality of presentation." So says team's IT Director Peter Byrne, describing the brand new cutting-edge version of the Association's industry-leading website,, which was launched this week.

Teamprop has long enjoyed the reputation of being by a considerable margin the UK's most accurate and up-to-date property website, courtesy of team's unique multi-listing technology which ensures that all property information displayed is automatically updated every 15 minutes. This compares to an industry norm of once every 24 hours, and helps explain why teamprop has consistently punched well above its weight in terms of visitor numbers.

Now, with this latest version, developed in close association with team's IT partners, Resource Techniques, the site is even better.

The first thing you notice is an eye-catching new look and a clearer, more straightforward layout. But this is much more than just a stylish makeover, according to Peter Byrne. "The entire site has been totally redesigned and re-engineered from the ground up using the latest technology to make it faster and easier to use than ever before, while at the same time incorporating a whole array of advanced features designed to give a much richer and enjoyable user experience," he says.

Particular attention has been paid to the design of the site's all-important search function, to make it exceptionally fast and user-friendly. The quality of the photographs has also been enormously improved, utilising automatic visual optimisation to set new industry standards for clarity and printability, and enable properties to be displayed to the best possible advantage. Among the very latest features to be incorporated is Google's revolutionary Street View. And an ongoing process of optimisation has been initiated to maximise the site's visibility to the principal search engines.

All in all, then, these changes look guaranteed to further reinforce teamprop's popularity with both buyers and sellers - as well as those lucky team agents who enjoy exclusive access to it!