Stop, Look, Click: How to grab your user’s attention

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Stop, Look, Click: How to grab your user’s attention

Once you’ve got the user onto your website, the next step is to keep them there. Luckily there are many ways of grabbing the user’s attention in web design.

Here we are going to explore some website elements that can help you grab the user’s attention:

High impact words

Unsurprisingly there are some words that will grab the user’s attention more than others. These are the type of words that brings us into a state of alert, for example “free”, “now” and “you”.

These words can capture the attention of the user, however it always depends on the context as well as the users intentions and goals.

Colour Contrast

Colour contrast is probably one of the simplest ways to grab the user’s attention. With the right colour theme, a button that is of a contrasting colour in comparison to the rest of the page can draw in a surprising amount of attention.

A common example of this is the “call to action” button which can be placed and coloured to grab the user’s attention.

Leave them wanting more

How can you leave the user wanting more? This easy method is very common and is achieved by revealing a little information upfront but giving them the option to view more.

Text teasers are very common among blogs and social channels proving they work very well.

Read people’s minds

Think about how the users will interact with your website. Place elements in key locations on the page to help them get the attention they require.

The best attention grabbing elements for any website include images, headlines and navigational tools so make sure they are clear to the user. You only have a few seconds to grab the users attention so don’t miss out by hiding these key elements.

The key elements for an Estate Agency website would be the property search function and your contact information. Make sure these are easily found.

Follow these practices to draw the users further into your website.

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